Sunday, January 11, 2009

What exactly is a figure competitor?

It's inevitable that I get asked this question right after I tell someone what I do as a hobby. There's really no short answer to the question and I'm always very careful to use the word "bodybuilder" in fear of getting a wide eyed oh-my-gosh expession. I don't blame people because the thought of men flexing their gigantic muscles and slathered up in several layers of self tanner and oil is not exactly the most appealing picture to me either. The bodybuilding industry has been around for decades (even before Arnold Schwarzenegger) while the figure division only started around 2003....naturally the two are very much alike since one stems from the other.
Figure is similiar to bodybuilding but unlike bodybuilding which is judged on a person's muscle mass, figure is based solely on muscle tone and symmetry...more of a "softer" side of the extreme muscle look. It's easier to see the difference in a photo.

NPC bodybuilder Isabelle Turelle and one of my favorite figure competitors Alicia Marie

I've also realized that there are as many fitness associations as there are acronymns for the military! NANBF, NPC, AFAA, WNBF, IFBB, and the list goes on and on. I've learned that not all organizations are the same...regulations wise. Either associations allow certain supplement use or they not as stringent on drug testing. I'm very adamnent on only competing in shows that are strict on drug testing and follow a zero drug tolerance. At the end of the day, I want my hard work to show through...not what kind of supplements I can take to look good. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying any of them are bad....there's just a preference for everyone.
The Southern States Classic in Liberty, MO sponsored by NANBF (North American National Bodybuilding Federation) is taking place on April 17th this year. That gives me 15 weeks to prepare. Technically, I already officially started training last Monday and I'll be posting my first measurements tomorrow for ya!!
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  1. Good luck Lis! You know Scott and I will try to come to your competition if we can. You did great last year, you'll do even better this year!


  2. congrats on the blog! Tell you what, you give me fitness pointers, and I'll be your dial-a-nerd for the website. :)


  3. The blog looks great!


  4. Lis,

    :) I saw your status on facebook.... being Allison's best friend, I know all about the hard work it takes to prepare! I'm excited to read your blog! Good luck this year!!!!

    -Amber Nash

  5. I need help. A friend of mine is stuck. She is a trainer at a gym her ex owns. He is also training her. He is very controlling and abusive. But she has to work their because she needs the money as well as the free training from him. How can I find her another coach and better way to train. She deserves better.

    1. She is a figure competitor is what she is training for. Sorry, didn't mention.