Friday, January 16, 2009

End of week 14

Good snowy morning people!! It's just powder so don't worry. :)

Kendra, one of the TF trainers, said it perfectly this morning in our cardio session...."There will ALWAYS be someone prettier, more muscular or stronger than you but just deal with it, move on, and work harder!" Damn straight I'm gasping for air after a series of long jump exercises. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is beyond what anyone else thinks of's about you! It's about pushing yourself to the limit and sometimes even beyond what you ever imagined...and at the end of the day, being happy with who you are. Hard work pays certainly did for me this week...

The end of week 14 has gone. I'm a little fanatic about weighing myself so I was a little disappointed that I remained the same weight but dropped drastically in my measurements. Kristie was pleasantly surprised with my results and it's exactly where she wants me to be. The first couple of weeks of training are always just about getting back into the groove of things and experimenting with nutrition and work outs until we hit the week 12 mark. That's when it's really down to business. This week I dropped 5.52 lbs. of body fat lowering it to 13.69%. It's all about the nutrition I tell ya!! Maintaining my weight but lowering BF means that I did not lose any muscle mass which is always a good thing.

From the full body photo, I still have a ways to go (I hate seeing myself in pictures!) but last week was a good solid step on the right path. Also wanna leave you with a few extra photos from this morning's session. Have a fun and safe weekend!!

Pec 4.0---1.0
Sub Scapular 8.0--- 6.5
Bicep 4.0--- 2.5
Tricep 6.5--- 4.0
Kidney 19.0--- 17.0
Suprailic 15.0--- 10.0
Abdominal 19.---15.0
Quads 11.0--- 11.0
Calf 6.0--- 5.0
Total 92.5--- 72.0
BW 142--- 142
Body Fat% 17.58%--- 13.69%
lbs. in BF 24.96--- 19.43
Change in BF lbs. -5.52
Lean mass 117.03--- 122.57

always love,

p.s. CONGRATS to Kristie on her engagement last week!!!!!! :D

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  1. umm... where's the stability ball and dynadisk?!?