Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feelin' the burn.

Hello my friends!

One of my friends sent me the photo above this afternoon and I just had to show you. No wonder why Kansas City is in the top 25 fattest states in the nation!! It's almost mind boggling what is out there to eat as a "convenience" thing. I asked him what the nutrition (or lack of) content was on the back but fortunately he was smart enough to know that it's a heart attack in a bag!! Right now, I know my nutrition is on the other spectrum of extreme but no one has died from an extended amount of binging on chicken and broccoli! Dad always said "you're either the solution to something or the problem." Ha, I would just nod and smile when he said it...secretly thinking it was such a cliche and lame statement. I laugh now because even though I still feel the same way (the cliche part) doesn't make the statement any less true. So, (this is for you dad!) I hope to be part of the solution of this obesity crisis by sharing (and inspiring) with you my lifestyle and passing along the plethora of information that I have discovered. If anything, that's my goal and of course to kick some ass on the way!! :)

Today we continued with our second day of the "oh so fun" strength training with a chest work out. I felt strong and actually excited about the little change in routine. As I mentioned yesterday, there are only one or two exercises per body part that really counts as a strength movement. Incline bench press was the lucky one today!! A lot of people don't realize how much weight I'm capable of training with until they actually see it. I get a kick at seeing their amazed expressions. Today, I'll honestly say that I impressed myself! 185lbs. with three reps...ohhhhh yyyyyyeah!!! It's those small feats that I look forward to. Of course, I was pretty weak on every exercise after but that's to be expected after putting in everything I had for the strength exercise. Below is my entire workout today.

I think it's bedtime. 5am is calling my name. Sweet dreams!

Feb. 3rd, Tues. CHEST
Incline Chest bench
115x10, 135x10, 155x7, 185x3
Hammer strength chest
45x10, 55x8, 65x5
Incline flye w/DB
40x8, 45x6, 35x10
Freemotion flye
35x10, 45x9, 50x7


  1. Omg, those Burger King french toast sticks look so nasty! And they're not even refridgerated?? How does that work??

    Ha. I like the comment your dad made about being part of the solution, or the problem. So true, (but yes, cliche). I still like it though! LOL

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